My name is Almon Tang and welcome to my online Web & Graphic Design portfolio.

On this site, you will find examples of my current and previous work in the Web & Graphic Design field from 1997 to 2006.

You may navigate through my portfolio using the tabs and links below.

Please enjoy your stay.

Newsroom - 1

This is the first of 2 examples of newsroom pages I have built out of 200+ when I was with my previous employer at Business Wire - www.businesswire.com.

Pages were coded and themed using CSS, HTML, JavaScript/JQuery, and PHP on Drypal 6 and 8 platforms. Newsroom were built seamlessly into client corporate sites.

This was accomplished by incorporating client template code to create pages that are responsive, adaptive and mobile friendly.

The newsrooms were often built in collaboration with several team members depending on the scale and scope of each project.

SASS were also used to speed up and increase productivity.

After project completion, documentation and FAQs were created as reference for each project on company's Confluence intranet.

Newsroom - 2

This is the second of 2 examples of newsroom pages I have built out of 200+ when I was with my previous employer at Business Wire - www.businesswire.com.

twocoppercoins.org is a site for my client Brian Lam, who is currently in China as a Software Engineer. This site is part of his non-profit work in raising medical funds for those in need.

The website build was created with Joomla! and was launched on August 7th, 2006. I designed the graphics, buttons, and other layouts for this site including this banner.

WALLACE ASSOCIATES is a website for a private employment agency that I built from ground up using HTML, CSS, and Javascript. There is a subpage which my client, Ben Timmons, wanted with a text field and document file submission form in order for his clients to submit their resumes. This particular part I programmed using PHP.

I designed the graphics and layout of the site and was launched in June of 2006.

Oasis of Truth is a joint effort and project by a partner I met at a local non-profit organization and yours truly. The basis of the site stems from the different aspects and perspectives in views of spirituality.

The website was programmed in HTML, CSS, Javascript, Flash, and Flash Action Script. I also designed the graphics and the overall layout of the site. It was launched in 2005, however, it is no longer live at the moment for maintenance.

DCCC is a website I was recruited to build when I was attending the local church group while I was employed in Davis, CA. The website is very pleasent to look at and read through, and it was coded in HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

I built this site in 2005. However, due to the expansion and relocation of the church itself, the website is temporary offline.

Center for Fetal Monkey Gene Transfer is the first of the 3 websites I updated and maintained under a 1 month contract I had with the UC Davis Primate Center.

Most of the pictures were given to me on a CD. I organized them into groups and designed an appropriate color scheme and layout for their center and projects.

I am not able to release the URL due to the university policies, but I made snapshots for your viewing below.

snapshot 1, snapshot 2

The Annual Gene Therapy Symposia website is the 2nd of the 3 websites I did for the same professor in the Primate Center.

Again, pictures were given to me. I was given the freedom to design the layout, buttons, and some layout within the professor's guidelines. I also edited the contents.

Even though these 3 sites are not my typical Web Design style, she was very happy with the results.


Center of Excellence, not the prettiest of websites, is the last of the 3 websites I updated and maintained under the same faculty member as the above.

Colors and layout were specifically given by the professor herself. The blood and tissue-like color scheme is supposed to give visitors a forewarned acknowledgement of the theme of the sites...so to speak.


The Nectaris Union is one of the older sites that I made while I was still in college in the year 2001. It was a site based on a video game that I really enjoyed due to its strategic challenges it provides.

HTML and DHTML programming were done by myself. Javascript programming was done with the help of a classmate.

The site is still up and functional. However, it hasn't been updated for a long time.

Planet Gradius is the same idea as the above website. It is based on a game that I like and in turn made a fan site out of it.

The site programmed in HTML, DHTML, and Javascript. It is still fairly decent considering that it was made all the way back in 1998! I maintained the site with news and new Javascript functions throughout the years, but it hasn't been touched since 2003.

This is my personal site. It isn't going to be up for long as I am giving it a total overhual with Flash animations with Action Scripts, cleaning up the style with a several new CSS scripts that I just read up on, and other functionalities with Javacripts and PHP.

It is still up and live, so you may have a look if it interests you.