Process of Creating Banner for Website
The Oasis of Truth

Before I knew what I wanted to create, I brainstormed for ideas that would match the theme of the site.

The theme is on the different faces of spirituality, so I compiled different images that encompass various seasons and scenery to project this idea to the audience.

These two are drafts that I quickly whipped up to see if the idea would work.

The idea seemed right, so I proceeded to make a better compilation of pictures.

Then I resized the pictures and tiled them into a banner. But the pictures seemed to stick out from each other and felt a little out of place, what could I do to make it easier on the eyes? about Feathering?

Viola, and beautiful.

Now, I need to place the title of the website over the banner, I should make the images lighter in Photoshop.

I added the Effects - Outer Glow on the text as well. So, there you have it, the final product of the banner.

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