Process of Creating Banner for

First, I took a picture of 2 gold coins and resized it.
Then I found a picture of a heart drawn on a sandy beach and cropped it into 2 patches...
...into this and this

And then I tiled the first image of the heart with the sand patch, with the latter repeatedly to create a banner sized image.

I used the Magic Wand Tool in Photoshop to select and crop out the coins, then placed them on the heart.

To create an effect where the coins are partially buried in the sand, I selected and cropped out a patch of the sand from the same location in which the coins will be covered.

I then detailedly place the patch over the coins.

However, this isn't done yet! The theme of the site is on COPPER coins...hence the domain So, I added several effects to give the coins a copper tone.
First, I used color fill under Effects to give the coins a Hard Light effect with an orangey color.
Second, I added with the Color Opacity of 27% to the coins.

So here we have it, the final version of the banner requested by the client.

But wait, there's more! I felt that it would add a neat effect to the sand covering the coins by Feathering them together. So here we have an alternate version of the final product.

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